Native Anti-HogFarms Protest in South Dakota! We need you!
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Заголовок сообщения: Native Anti-HogFarms Protest in South Dakota! We need you!
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From: Freelakotah, Republic of Lakotah,
from Deb McIntyer

April 16, 2008
We need observers/witnesses to have a presence at the CAFO site near Wagner as soon as possible. Please, if you can go, or can find someone to go, the directions are at the bottom of this email. This is a very serious situation. You are needed to be a witness for justice.
The Yankton Sioux Tribe has made a formal request to the Peace & Justice Center to find people to join them in peaceful presence to demonstrate their opposition to this 7,600 unit hog house.
There are 2 police snipers on a trailer house on the CAFO site.
Here's a photo taken today by Holly Horn, Yankton Sioux Tribe member, of the snipers on the trailer at the CAFO construction site.
There are 50-55 highway patrol cars on site. Another 22 troopers are in reserve.
People have set up camp and have gathered on Tribal property to peacefully demonstrate, but they are scared this could escalate.
22 arrests have been made by the sheriff's department, including citations for vagrancy. Those cited live by the site.
We are certain:

Construction work began without all the correct process happening. No tribal consultation. No Environmental Impact Statement.
The only road to the site has been declared by the BIA to NOT be a county road, but is a Tribally owned road.
The CAFO site is surrounded by Yankton Sioux Tribal land.
Neighbors in the area did not know a CAFO was being built. They thought it was a home. No one knows what newspaper the notice was in, because none of the people I have talked to saw it.
The location is not only surrounded by beauty, it is near the Karl Mundt Eagle Refuge.
We ALL have the right to peacefully demonstrate.
The CAFO site is 5 miles West of Wagner, 1 1/2 South on the Yankton Sioux Tribal Office road, towards Marty.

South Dakota Peace and Justice Center
Deb McIntyre, Director
PO Box 116 Sioux Falls, SD 57101

From: Crawling Bear, Republic of Lakotah,

Copied from ndnaim yahoogroups
We got a call from members of the Anti-Hog Farm Protest on the Yankton
Sioux Indian reservation.

There is a heavy State Police presence, along with Snipers taking positions.

They counted at least 70 plus officers.

Just got word from Robin Bear that the police were going to arrest again.

For more info 605-491=2927

They need Prayers and Your Support

Copied from ndnaim yahoogroups

----- Original Message -----
From: sheep_dog:nation49@...

April 16, 2008

Press Release

Selma, Alabama – Wagner, SD – Bull Conner Lives On!

Sheriff Ray Westindorf, Sheriff of Charles Mix County in South Dakota and the SD Highway Patrol has initiated a police occupation of Indian Land on the Yankton Reservation. An out of state Hog Farm Corporation has set up shop on the Reservation against the wishes of the Yankton Sioux Tribe, local farmers and community members. The Hog Farm is surrounded by Reservation land and the only access road is under the jurisdiction of the US Bureau of Indian Affairs. On April 15th Yankton Sioux Tribal Members began a peaceful protest against the Hog Farm and were met immediately with illegal law enforcement presence and
To date twenty-two people have been arrested on trumped up charges and there has been a total over reaction of law enforcement numbering up to 52 SD Highway Patrol Cars with 22 more Highway Patrol cars waiting in reserve. Some patrol cars from as far away as the state of Iowa. The Highway Patrol has set up snipers with rifles on top of two command posts they have established near the scene. The State of South Dakota has absolutely no jurisdiction on Indian land and the highway leading to the Hog Farm is Indian Land where Tribal members and
others have been arrested while peacefully protesting. This amount of law
enforcement presence is unprecedented for a peaceful protest and violates the legal Jurisdiction of the Yankton Sioux Tribe.

Sheriff Westindorf is carrying on the Spirit of Bull Conner in Selma, Alabama during the Civil Rights era of the nineteen sixties. The Sheriff’s son was awarded the electrical contract for the building of the Hog Farm. Is law enforcement now being used to protect out of state corporate interests and family members of the Sheriff in the State of South Dakota? Corporate Hog Farms have been outlawed in many states in the US. How many Highway Patrol cars have been dispatched to White Peoples’ protests in South Dakota? Racism is alive and well in South Dakota! The Peace and Justice Center has been notified and has dispatched observers to the scene with Catholic Nuns vowing to protest and be arrested if necessary to bring attention to the violation of Human Rights of the
Yankton Sioux Tribal Members. The Dakota American Indian Movement has observers at the scene and if the community decides to invite the National American Indian Movement to the reservation to protect the People from the SD Highway Patrol we will respond with a call to all of our members in the Upper Midwest to travel to Yankton to help the community in any way possible.
Page two
The International Indian Treaty Council has dispatched attorneys to the scene to document the Human Rights Violations which will be presented to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues meeting, beginning in New York on Monday April 21, 2008.

Contact numbers for the American Indian Movement are:

Clyde Bellecourt, National AIM 612 251-5836

Dennis Banks, National AIM 763 242-4242

Bill Means, International Indian Treaty Council 612 386-4030
([url]photo @[/url])

Ihanktonwan Prayer Ceremony at Hog Farm protest site interrupted by sheriff of Charles Mix county, Ray Wessendorf and Vice Chairman, John Stone.

This Saturday 5:50 am April 19th 2008 when Francis Zephier (wife of the man who was struck by the Earth-mover the other day along with a State trooper) and an Elder arrived at the Ihanktonwan hog farm protest site. There was no-one there. A sunrise prayer ceremony was scheduled for 6:00 am that morning and soon after 6:00 a.m. the Sisseton man who was to perform the ceremony arrived with his helper.

After prayers were said and the four prayer ties were made (two for the North approach and two for the South approach) the Sisseton man asked his son to place them on the posts on each side of the approaches.

The Elder and Francis decided that they should do it since they are members of the Ihanktonwan tribe. They placed the prayer ties for the North approach on the posts. At that time the sheriff Ray Wessendorf and vice chairman John Stone rolled up in their vehicles. After the first prayer ties of the Northern approach posts had been tied into place,. sheriff Wessendorf hollered from his car , "Hey! Hey! What are you doing?".
The Elder said, "We just placed these prayer ties here and have two more." The sheriff then said,"Well you are trespassing! If you tie the other two I'm going to arrest you and take you to jail!"

The Elder asked, "Are you stopping us from practicing our religious rights?" The Sheriff said,"Yes I am! if you go down there to the other approach I'm gonna arrest you!"

The Elder asked Francis," What about your children?" as he did not want Francis to maybe go to jail and her children be left alone without her. Francis said, "My husband is at home watching them. It's OK. "

So the Elder asked tribal Vice Chairman John Stone what he was going to do about it (since they were on tribal land). Stone said,"Well you are on private property, so if you proceed you'll get arrested!"

So the Elder asked Francis what she wanted to do. Francis said, "I'll do whatever you say,."

So the Elder did some quick thinking and asked if they could get their own prayer poles and put them in the ditch outside the property area where the Ihanktonwan maintain the ditches (ie tribal land) and tie their Southern approach prayer ties to them.... The sheriff said he would not arrest them for that. So that is what they did.

The same elder was out to the site this morning with Francis's husband and there was no-one to be found, no workers nobody. All was quiet....

Monday April 21, 2008:

Francis Zephier is going to be on Michael Herzog's Radio Show "The American Awakening" at 2:00 p.m. CST (Central Standard Time). The organizer of the Hog Farm Protests, Allen Hare is going to be on the show as well! Listen IN !!!

The link for the show is:

Click on "Listen Live" (near the upper left-hand corner of the page)
Then click on which format to use and you are listening live to the show!

Winamp, Quick Time, iTunes
Real Media Player or
Real Media Player

If you do not have any of these programs...type one in a search engine and find a site that gives a free download! (be sure to do this several minutes before the show-time so you will be able to hear the broadcast)

The Ihanktonwan (more commonly known as the Yankton Sioux) Tribe is beset by a hog farm mess much like the Rosebud Tribe was up against. Protesters are being arrested. Including high schoolers this morning! There is a SWAT team out there right now. Several days ago there were over 75 SD state Patrol and county vehicles at the site ...and two snipers!

This is part of an email that was forwarded to me this afternoon about today's activities.

"Many of our protesters are being arrested for Disorderly Conduct,
>>including our Councilman, Gary Drapeau and
>>many, many others. Some of whom are high school students. At this point,
>>we know that they won't all fit in the county jail."
**Disorderly conduct in that area is normally a $25 fine they have raised it to $500 per person! racism and profiling at it's best.....Sad
There is room and a place for folks to stay at the "Yankton" rez
"the Marty Indian Community building is set up for everyone to come
>and stay. There is a kitchen and gymnasium there, along with a living room
Can you help? Do you know anyone who can? Or who knows someone who can? Any pro-bono legal council would be especially helpful. People are probably being arrested for "trespass" and "disorderly conduct" but they are protesting on Indian land...and these guys are arresting high schoolers, not just adults. KELO radio reported that 15-20 people have already been arrested. I think the count is closer to 20 than 15.
As Dennis Banks said (whom I just got off the phone with) "We need someone down there now! We need to know what to do now at the this point" also if you could put the word out to any AIM Warriors/Organizations that you know we need people down there!
Thank you in Advance for any help you can send their way,
Crawling Bear

Contacting the Governor's Office.
Dear Governor Rounds, 4/18/08

I am personally disgusted and appalled (as are everyone I speak to and that is a lot of folks)..
..that Ihanktowan children are under threat of being subjected to the smell and presence and possible health hazards of a hog farm...and their parents and neighbors being threatened by State Police and Sniper fire( parents of kids in the Head Start Program-what kind of a head start is that?)The hog farm was not approved by the Tribal council, no-one on the Rez knew about it the Animals are being farmed out to IOWA!!!!!! (what ...he can't put a HOG farm in Iowa?) because the land on an Indian Rez is cheap? Don't the Ihanktowan have little enough? would you want your children subjected to that sir? and what about the Excess of State Troopers ? to arrest protesters? What major crime has been broken? They are out of their jurisdiction or am I mistaken- it is surrounded by Indian Land!!! or am I mistaken?

And what it in the world are Snipers doing there? What... trying to start a Wounded Knee type situation... intimidation? fear tactics? What are they going to do shoot mothers protesting? see snipers in link below

What are you doing about this Sir? I wonder....

The only reason this is not on CNN is because there has been a media blackout on Indian issues since Wounded Knee 2 in '73. I saw video footage of you talking about how the Indians are treated so poorly.... if you are not are hindering... I am familiar with what you have apparently tried to do to help with the Bear butte situation
and that is good ...Here is another opportunity for you to stand up for your SD citizens!

Thank you in advance for stopping this shameful embarrassment for South Dakota.


Crawling Bear
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